[Gtk-sharp-list] Future Direction of GTK#

mkestner@speakeasy.net mkestner@speakeasy.net
Thu, 28 Nov 2002 18:41:42 -0800

Hi Dan. Sorry for the delay, I'm on vacation and I just got permission from the wife to connect to my mailbox.  :)

On 24 Nov 2002, Daniel Morgan wrote:

> > What problems need to be fixed?

As Miguel indicated known problems should be logged to bugzilla.  The other significant issue to be addressed is the overriding of class methods on the native side to better support subclassing.  Making the library "trusted" is another big project that we need to address.

> Should it have a model similar to
> System.Windows.Forms and/or
> System.Web.UI.WebControls? If so, what would
> this model look like?

Not sure what you are getting at here, but I think Gtk# already "feels" a lot like S.W.F programming, except with much better layout semantics.  There are no doubt substantial holes in complex widget availability, but those should be fillable easily once subclassing is easier in Gtk#.

> Are there any other GLib, GTK+, or GNOME
> libraries/applications which will have
> bindings in GTK#?

This is something that needs to be evaluated on a case by case basis.  Sometimes it will make sense to roll them into the Gtk# umbrella project.  However, for limited usefullness type projects, the Gtk# parser/generated should probably be used to produce a standalone wrapper.

> What kind of applications would you like to
> see working with GTK#?

As many as people are willing to write.  :)  There's already some cool projects underway.  It's nice to see significant things being done with the library.

> Will GTK# ever be able to interoperate with
> Mozilla's XPCOM/XPConnect?

As miguel already indicated, this type of thing would most likely be external to Gtk# via a bridge.