[Gtk-sharp-list] Newbie and lost.

Carlos Kassab ckg@glin.com.mx
13 Nov 2002 14:50:23 -0600


I got the same error and what i did was:

1.- Delete or Rename install-sh 
2.- Delete or Rename missing to 
3.- Delete or Rename mkinstalldirs 

now, run:


then "make linux"

but there is a problem with glade so what i did was to edit the Makefile
under glade folder and uncomment next line:

install: all
#	cp glade-sharp.dll $(DESTDIR)/usr/lib

hope it works to you.

Carlos Kassab

El mar, 12-11-2002 a las 14:36, John Fabiani escribió:
> Hi,
> Although I have been playing with Linux for over six months I have not had a
> need to compile anything.  So working with GTK# is more than a little over
> my head.  I read the readme doc but it does not explain what I am doing
> (just to configure,make,make install).  If anybody could suggest a web doc
> that explained what I am doing when I "configure", "make", and "make
> install" it would be very helpful.
> Anyway I'm getting the following error when I run "configure":
> "can not find install-sh or install.sh in . ./.. ./../.."
> I uncompressed the GTK# in "/home/johnf/Mono/gtk-sharp-0.5"  and I have the
> Mono "mcs","mono", and "mint" working ok (at least for console programs). My
> guess is that it may have something to do with PATH or some other
> environment variable.  The directory does contain the file install-sh which
> is a link to something  in "/usr/share/automake/install-sh".  So you can see
> that I am lost.
> I'm using Red Hat 8.0.
> It appears that I have GTK+ (I don't know what version -how does one find
> out the version?).
> John Fabiani
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