[Gtk-sharp-list] Some more status

Mike Kestner mkestner@speakeasy.net
29 Mar 2002 22:18:03 -0600

Thanks to some quick fixes from lupus, the code generator now runs on
linux.  I tweaked some code that was making mcs burp and now the
statistics reported by the code generator are identical on win32 and
linux.  Next stop is a diff of the linux generated source against win32
for sanity verification.

Tonight, I committed the changes needed for the make linux target to
build the binding dlls.  make linux fails on the glib build at this
point.  It is a segfault failure, and does not appear to be related to
improperly generated C#. Filed bug report 22811 for that.

Dietmar restructured some pinvoke delegate code and now the win32
compiled hello world app returns 0 on linux/mono before segfaulting, so
that's progress, sort of.  The 2.0 dlls are now required.