[Gtk-sharp-list] Ugliest docs known to man

Rachel Hestilow hestilow@ximian.com
23 Jun 2002 17:42:53 -0500

I've gotten some docs up at
http://primates.ximian.com/~tvgm/gtk-sharp-docs/ , along with the
scripts used to generate them. Currently I use a two-stage process: a
perl script to do the heavy lifting (regexes, grouping) and an XSLT
script to produce the final XHTML. The csc-generated docs purposely
leave out anything that could be otherwise looked up via introspection,
so because of this the docs currently lack return types, property types,
inheritance lists etc. Support for this could be implemented by adding a
.NET introspection stage inbetween the perl and XSLT, most likely
written in C#.

As an alternative, once the perl .NET port is done the introspection
could be added to the perl script directly, but I'm not feeling quite
_that_ daring :-).

-- Rachel