[Gtk-sharp-list] Great, it works!

Philip Van Hoof freax@pandora.be
01 Aug 2002 00:36:35 +0200

On Thu, 2002-08-01 at 00:16, Miguel de Icaza wrote:

> > [..] 

> I am glad that you want to help the Gtk# guys, and your background is
> great for this particular task.  Welcome to the team.  As every other
> project that is heavily under development, there is not a lot of
> documentation, but you should be able to get to speed quickly.

> Also Mike and Rachel (the main developers today) hang out in the #mono
> channel in irc.gnome.org, as well as Duncan that has written variousof
> the sample tests.

Okay, I have added that channel to my auto-join list. (my nickname is

> You might want to exercise the API by writing small applications and
> see what is missing, helping then doing those pieces.

Okay. I am going to checkout the gtk-sharp (and probably some parts of
mono too) sourcecode this weekend if I find some time for it, after
that i'll start creating a few sample applications with components of
which I think stuff might be missing...etc etc

Today I have quick-browsed trough the sourcecode of gtk-sharp and
whoohoo, it's not that difficult to understand how it's coded. So I
guess that I should be able to get to speed quickly indeed.

I guess patches and bugfixes should be send -to the mailinglist(s)-in u.
diff format? cvs diff -u ? Ack, i'll first read the HACKING files and
the website before asking questions like this :). 

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