[Gtk-sharp-list] Great, it works!

Philip Van Hoof freax@pandora.be
31 Jul 2002 20:47:39 +0200

Great !

Gtk-sharp works here. I have installed the latest mono-rpm binary and
compiled gtk-sharp from source. And whoohoo, it works. I can run the
sample applications and compile them.

I once told myself, if I succeed in doing all that; I start helping the
mono project. The best way I can do this is (I think) by helping the
gtk-sharp guys. Maybe thats not true, then please correct me :)

Well, this is the part where I tell "how smart I am", so that you guys
know stuff like : "we can use this one for that purpose". heh.. bleh.

* I have been an amateur linux developper for a few years, did some
contributions to the Anjuta Gnome IDE (not -yet- the Gnome 2.0 port but
mainly the fileselector widget. Stuff like the tabfilenamecompletion)
and maintained two (three) projects called Gnome Xsu (which is a very
small su-wrapping application) and Gnome Clipboard Manager (which is a
work-in-progress application for which helps you with copypasting stuff
-collects, saves to XML, sends over a network, paste multiple items at
once, blabla). So I have some experience with Gnome/Gtk+ and C.
(http://xsu.freax.eu.org; http://gcm.sourceforge.net)

* I am also fulltime employed as .NET developper and project leader
where I work. We (four people) are working on a CRM-application (So
thats mainly GUI and database issues. But also threading and other more
advanced stuff in .NET). I am now programming .NET (using VS.NET) for a
year.. mainly using Visual Basic.NET because the other employees like
that syntax the most -bleh, but thats okay for me. vb.net of C#.net
is the same for most stuff anyway-. I learned the framework myself using
the book Professional C# from Wrox. So using all that combined with my
knowledge about Java (at school), C++ and C I can say that I know about
the framework and C#.

* I am not good in English (You probaly noticed that already). So don't
ask me to write manuals :)

* I am not intrested in helping gtk-sharp fulltime. Only in my
spare/free time. Maybe someday I can convince my boss to allow me to
help gtk-sharp during office-hours too. We would love to see our
application run on Linux. (A CRM-application like the one that we are
building does not exist on linux as far as I know. And selling it
without the need for Microsoft Windows would make our product a lot
cheaper for our customers. But that will take a long time I guess. The
development of our application will take at least two more years
anyway.. so thats okay). However, that is not my main reason for
helping.. just as most of you guys .. I like technology and new stuff
like Mono... So I would love to see it succeed.

So now that you guys know a bit more about me, feel free to reply some
pointers to answers for the question "where can I start?". Note that
I already have the current CVS working and installed. I guess all
correctly because I can compile the samples provided with the cvs.

I am probably going to start reading the sources of gtk-sharp this
weekend. I am hoping that you guys will send me some pointers to
places in the current sources of which I should make sure that I read
them very well.

Final note: Yes, I know that I should stop writing large Emails like
this one.

ps. Thanks a lot for the work on mono and gtk-sharp. I am really looking
forward to the day that we can use all/most .NET applications native
on Linux -and other Unices that Mono supports. I really belive it will
boost the desktop usage of Linux a lot.. 

Philip van Hoof aka freax (http://www.freax.eu.org)
Email at work : freax@vanroey.be
Work: http://www.vanroey.be