[Gtk-sharp-list] cvs build broken ?

Christophe VG mono@baselabs.org
08 Jul 2002 07:44:04 +0200


I just tried to rebuild the cvs tree and ran into this problem at the
end :

mcs --unsafe -o gnome-hello-world.exe -L ../glib -L ../pango -L ../atk
-L ../gdk -L ../gtk -L ../gnome  -r glib-sharp -r pango-sharp -r
atk-sharp -r gdk-sharp -r gtk-sharp -r gnome-sharp -r System.Drawing
GnomeHelloWorld.cs(110) error CS0103: The name `Modules.UI' could not be
found in `GtkSamples.GnomeHelloWorld'
GnomeHelloWorld.cs(129) error CS0117: `Gnome.Program' does not contain a
definit ion for `Get'
Compilation failed: 2 error(s), 0 warnings

It breaks the compilation of the mono.baselabs.org RPMs for Gtk#.

I hope someone can fix this :)

Christophe VG