[Gtk-sharp-list] Compile gtk# on Windows

Carsten Bock carsten@cbclass.net
Mon, 23 Dec 2002 17:03:58 +0100

Fabio Zanetta schrieb:
>>you have selected make, binutils, autoconf, automake, etc for
> make, binutils, autoconf, automake are not listed into the options to be
> installed in the cygwin setup wizard.
You might have to change the view in the cygwin setup (press "view"), 
and then you should see autoconf, etc., if not, choose another mirror.
You also need to install several other tools and libs.
Try to run ./configure in your gtk-source dir on cygwin, you might get 
some helpfull messages on what is missing. Try this with a relase 
version of GTK# (e.g. 0.6) first.
(you may need to run "make distclean" after that, before you compile it 
for win32)

> I don't know why linux people make all this stuff so difficult and with no
> docs!
> I've been working in IT from more than 10 years and I think I'll take other
> 10 years for installing gtk# >:)

It is not more difficult than compiling with (n)make under windows... ;)
The problem here is, you need to setup a linux like environment for 
Windows first. (and of course, like on Windows, set the correct path