[Gtk-sharp-list] Menu.Popup function

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
26 Aug 2002 20:11:02 -0400

The current implementation of Menu.cs, Popup is:

public void Popup(Gtk.Widget parent_menu_shell, Gtk.Widget parent_menu_item, Gtk.MenuPositionFunc func, System.IntPtr data, uint button, uint activate_time) {
        gtk_menu_popup(Handle, parent_menu_shell.Handle, parent_menu_item.Handle, func, data, button, activate_time);

Notice that the Gtk+ documentation says:
        void        gtk_menu_popup                  (GtkMenu *menu,
                                                     GtkWidget *parent_menu_shell,
                                                     GtkWidget *parent_menu_item,
                                                     GtkMenuPositionFunc func,
                                                     gpointer data,
                                                     guint button,
                                                     guint32 activate_time);
        Displays a menu and makes it available for selection.
        Applications can use this function to display context-sensitive
        menus, and will typically supply NULL for the parent_menu_shell,
        parent_menu_item, func and data parameters. The default menu
        positioning function will position the menu at the current
        pointer position.

Could we make it so that the code generated would only de-reference
parent_menu_shell and parent_menu_item if they are non-null?