[Gtk-sharp-list] LibGlade

Ricardo Fernández Pascual rfp1@ono.com
13 Aug 2002 14:01:54 +0200

El lun, 12-08-2002 a las 21:22, Rachel Hestilow escribió:
> You have good timing; glade support was pending on the introspection
> support Mike only recently added.
> I have modified your patch a bit: The gtkapi.xml file is not
> hand-written, it is autogenerated by parser/ based on C sources. So
> I took the liberty of adding it to the parser system. This has the
> advantage that as much of the Glade API that _can_ be wrapped, is
> wrapped.

Heh, i suspected that. I couldn't believe that you had hand written that
big xml file and wanted to keep it up to date ;)

Then, why is that file on CVS?

> I also updated your sample and .custom file to work with the
> Gtk# convention "Glade.XML" (as this is what the auto-generator uses).
> Other than that, good work, it seems to work great!

Thank you.

> As for GList, I have talked with Duncan a bit on the best way to handle
> G*List (marshalling requirements are a bit tricky here). The current
> implementation is definitely a hack though.

I'm just curious, what are those requirements? I can't think of anything
apart of having a pointer (IntPtr) to the first element of the list. I
could implement those classes.

Ricardo Fernández Pascual
Murcia. España.