[Gtk-sharp-list] Great, it works!

Mike Kestner mkestner@speakeasy.net
31 Jul 2002 23:10:06 -0500

On Wed, 2002-07-31 at 17:36, Philip Van Hoof wrote:

> > You might want to exercise the API by writing small applications and
> > see what is missing, helping then doing those pieces.
> Okay. I am going to checkout the gtk-sharp (and probably some parts of
> mono too) sourcecode this weekend if I find some time for it, after
> that i'll start creating a few sample applications with components of
> which I think stuff might be missing...etc etc

Great.  This is without a doubt the best way to help Gtk# right now. 
There is a huge amount of API wrapped already that has never been
executed.  Duncan is doing a great job of finding bugs, but I'm sure
he'd welcome the help.  :)  

> Today I have quick-browsed trough the sourcecode of gtk-sharp and
> whoohoo, it's not that difficult to understand how it's coded. So I
> guess that I should be able to get to speed quickly indeed.

We must be doing something right then.  :)
> I guess patches and bugfixes should be send -to the mailinglist(s)-in u.
> diff format? cvs diff -u ? Ack, i'll first read the HACKING files and
> the website before asking questions like this :). 

I'd like to encourage everyone to open bugzilla bugs for problems they
find if it is not a trivial obvious fix.  Patches in diff -u, preferably
against current cvs would be great.  Patches can be attached directly to
the bugs.

Let me know if I can help you get started. I look forward to seeing your
patches.  :)