[Gtk-sharp-list] Can mcs compile programs against gtk-sharp?

Michael Torrie torriem@cs.byu.edu
05 Apr 2002 23:29:25 -0700

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I've compiled a cvs snapshot of everything mono on a cygwin box and then
dumped the stuff back into linux.  It looks like the HelloWorld.exe runs
okay under mono on linux (it does coredump on exit). =20

Can I compile gtk-sharp programs on mcs on linux now that I have the
runtime dlls?  I've tried using mcs with the --unsafe and --resource=20
flags to specify the dlls, but mcs complains that it can't find
Gtk.Window, etc.

What stage is this all at?  I'm excited to do C# an gtk programming.  By
the way, is gtk-sharp going to drive the gui for windows c# apps when
run on linux? =20


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