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Bob Smith bob@thestuff.net
Tue, 25 Sep 2001 15:36:31 -0400 (EDT)

Ok. I'm done working on gtk-sharp. You assume that everything must be
perfect when in fact things are unusable. You MUST expect things to break
from time to time when there is practically nothing there to begin with.
gtk sharp is in DESIGN phase, not blind coding phase as you want it to be.
While designing something as complex as a gtk binding, you will need to
try things out, causing alittle breakage now, rather then spend countless
hours trying to fix it when you have a few thousand lines of code. You are
managing this project very poorly IMHO. For alittle breakage now, you get
many many hours saved in the long run. So what if it wont compile now.
Nothing depends on it. The infrastructure should come first, rather then
making sure a silly little sample gtk program can compile. We should get
all the infrastructure in place, debug it, then start worrying about
getting widgets and other things implemented. Also, this project should
use CVS as its intended to be used. As a way to let multiple people work
on the project at once. You keep all your changes to yourself for along
time, then complain when you cant easily merge your stuff since cvs
changed. Thats not how cvs works. You make a change, you commit. that way,
your work is reflected.

All in all, your methods of management do not allow programmers to work on
the module making more work for you, and the way you manage things meens
you will have more code churn in the future making even more work. As I
havent seen a commit from you in along time, or even you showing up in
#mono, it seems to me that you dont have much time yourself to work on it
and things would go alot faster if you could have some help. I suggest for
the good of the project that you reevaluate your goals. Otherwise,
a truely usable gtk-sharp wont be released in any reasonable timeframe.

I'll be able to help out with gtk-sharp again if you want me to, but I'm
not going to look at it again until you deside how you want to do things.


On Tue, 25 Sep 2001 mkestner@speakeasy.net wrote:

> Bob,
> Perhaps I was unclear as to what I was willing to let you commit.  I have not granted you open commit priviledges to gtk-sharp.  Please do not commit anything else to gtk-sharp without getting approval from me.
> This commit is going to cause me pain.  I spent the better part of the evening Sunday trying to clean up the tree after your commits of last week, and I am not terribly pleased about this unapproved commit for something as frivilous as an optimization of this sort.
> Regardless of your concerns, this entire signal refinement exercise is poorly timed and I am not willing to spend any more time than what it takes to get it to stop firing exceptions at this point.  If it proves necessary to optimise it further in the future, I will entertain doing so at the time.
> Most of the files you touched with this commit required substantial changes just to get them to build.  They still don't even come close to working.  I have been peeling an onion that is already three layers deep in exceptions with the new code.  In order to commit all of the rework I have done, I am first going to have to stop and merge in and resolve god only knows how many conflicts because of this commit.  I'm pissed.
> As appreciative as I am of your willingness to contribute, at this point, I think the best thing for you to do would be to find a project that is more conducive to the use of the remote compilation service and untested committing.  Gtk-sharp is not such a project.
> Regards,
> Mike
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> Added refcounts to delegates to make sure they can be unpined when not needed.
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