[Gtk-sharp-list] gtk win32 errors

Mike Kestner mkestner@speakeasy.net
15 Oct 2001 16:49:24 -0500

On Mon, 2001-10-15 at 16:04, Adam Treat wrote:
[snip lots of glib spewage]

> Wondering what to do.  I'm guessing this is a problem with the gtk1.3.dll's 
> and not your gtk-sharp libs.  I've installed the gimp for win32 with the 
> standard setup program and the gimp runs without error.  Suggestions?

The gimp-w32 gtk dll's are pretty ancient.  

Initially they were okay when the inheritence tree only extended down to
GtkObject. I started seeing the same problems with those dll's once I
started wrapping GObject calls.   

With dll's built from HEAD or a recent tarball, the problem should go
away.  Building those is non-trivial if you don't have Visual Studio
though. I am using some dll's that Miguel built in August, since I am
lazy by nature.