[Gtk-sharp-list] Status Update

Mike Kestner mkestner@speakeasy.net
04 Nov 2001 15:43:28 -0600

Code generation is now at least partially supported for structs, enums,
flags, objects, methods, properties, and constructors. 

enums and flags are generating cleanly.  They were the first and remain
the most completely supported def in the binding.  structs should be in
good shape as well, but unfortunately there aren't any define-struct
definitions in the current defs files.  I plan on hard coding struct
defs as I need them for methods/ctors, until a complete, automatically
generated source is available.

The object, method, and property defs are roughed in. I am currently
throttling generation to produce only the Gtk.Window class.  The smaller
target space makes it easier to sift through the csc error output.  My
plan is to turn on a class or two at a time and refine the generation
until clean. Rinse, spin, repeat.   

Constructors are also roughed in, but I need to add logic to deal with
redundant signatures. It's an issue for classes like Button which has 3
constructors that each take a single String param. Not sure whether I
want to handle this with class methods or mangle in some dummy params.

Next step is event/signal code generation.  Again this is an area where
the defs files don't have any data to play with, but I've got some ideas
on how to perl me up some to play with.  Event code generation is the
last piece remaining for typical class generation.