[Group-leaders] Welcome New Group Leaders!

James Montemagno james.montemagno at xamarin.com
Tue Mar 4 00:43:44 UTC 2014

Group Leaders!

I would like to first welcome all of our new group leaders to the mailing
list. It has been a pleasure to not only launch the Xamarin Community
Sponsorship program, but also see the great response and tons of new
developer groups form over the last few months.

To everyone who has applied to the sponsorship program - if you haven't
received anything from us yet, I wanted to let you all know that we are
processing requests as fast as possible. We had a huge response and it has
taken a few weeks to put a nice process in place, but everyone should be
receiving packages soon. If you haven't joined the sponsorship program yet
be sure to read the blog
details and sign up today :)

Our vision for the group leaders list is a place where we can all come
together to discuss how our groups are doing, share tips for presentations
and getting speakers to give talks, and of course to let us at Xamarin know
how we can help. I encourage everyone to post and update their upcoming
events on our events forum <http://forums.xamarin.com/categories/events>,
as this is where we send community members to look for local events, and
the first place we look to find details about events we want to promote.
 It is also a great backup when meetup.com happens to be down. Please add
as much content as possible including the date, time, location, and of
course the topic of what is set to be discussed.

I would love to hear how everyone's groups are doing and if you had a
meetup in February please be sure to fill out our monthly event feedback
We will be using this feedback throughout the year to send you all more
awesome swag for your group!

James Montemagno

James Montemagno
Developer Evangelist, Xamarin
@JamesMontemagno <http://www.twitter.com/jamesmontemagno>

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