[forms-devel] CalendarView in Xamarin.Forms

Sidharth Gupta sidharth92 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 5 13:38:29 UTC 2016

Hello All,

I have noticed that there is no simple way for application developers to
provide calendars for users on Xamarin.Forms - there is no CalendarView.
I am thinking about a control where users can interact with a calendar by
selecting a date or by browsing by month.
This picture from the Windows APIs shows what I have in mind:
https://i-msdn.sec.s-msft.com/dynimg/IC790864.png . Perhaps something like
the month view.

What does everyone think about providing such a control to application
developers in Xamarin.Forms?

The following native controls could be used:
Windows -
Android -
iOS - As far as I know, iOS does not provide a native counterpart. We would
have to create something... Can we provide a Xamarin.Forms control if there
is no native counterpart?

It would allow only one date to be selected at a time. Initially, we could
have the following properties:
- Date: The current selected date
- FirstDayOfWeek: The first day of the week
- MaxDate: The last date to display
- MinDate: The first date to display
And an event for whenever the user selects a date - EventArgs would be the
selected date.

What does everyone think? I look forward to getting your thoughts regarding

Kind Regards
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