[forms-devel] How to change Android toolbar menu text color

Jesse Jiang jesse at xam-consulting.com
Thu Sep 1 06:53:06 UTC 2016


Is there any way to change Android toolbar menu text color in runtime? 
I have googled a lot and found we can set Theme property actionMenuTextColor to change it.

But the problem is we used Xamarin.Forms, in one page we want that color is white, and other page is black. 

How can we change the android resource color in runtime? I found we can change the MainActivity theme, so I called this
 'Forms.Context.SetTheme(Resource.Style.MyCustomThemeDark); ‘
in customer page renderer. 
It works but few pages later, how can we apply this theme immediate. 

Finally, I found it is missing impossible. Is that right? so that I can tell my boss, we cannot do that.

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