[forms-devel] Add BackgroundColor and TextColor to MenuItem

daniel at hindrikes.se daniel at hindrikes.se
Thu May 26 12:12:46 UTC 2016



I an app that I working right now for a customer they wanted
to have different colors on the context actions "buttons" on iOS. So I
spend at least 2 days to write a custom solution for that. And a week
after that I talked to a developer that wanted to do the same thing in
his app. 

So my proposal is to add BackgroundColor and TextColor to
MenuItem. This properties will just affect iOS while I think the feature
just is relevant on iOS. Therefore I think it is ok to add it to
Xamarin.Forms even if it's not cross platform. I think it will saves a
lot of time for many developers. And Xamarin.Forms already have
properties that not is cross platform, Page.Icon and CachingStrategy for
ListView for example. 

What do you think about this? 

Sorry for that I
created a pull request for it before I discussed it here. I now know the
process and will follow it in the future. 

Best regards, 


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