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Michael Rumpler michael at mrumpler.at
Sat May 7 11:51:38 UTC 2016



the generic version of BindableProperty.Create has been obsoleted a few
versions back. I didn't understand the exact cause, but it seems like the
used expression tree raised the app size and did not perform well on iOS.


As some others also expressed I think this is a step back and I wonder if
you could do something similar as Fody
(https://github.com/Fody/PropertyChanged). They rewrite the IL to inject the
INotifyPropertyChanged code into the assembly at compile time. Maybe you
could also do that and rewrite the expression tree to a simple string during
compilation. This way the developers could still use the more friendly and
much shorter generic version of that method.


However if that's not possible, then I wonder why the other uses of
expression trees are still in XF and not obsoleted.


BindableObject self, BindableProperty targetProperty,
Expression<Func<TSource, object>> sourceProperty, BindingMode mode =

IValueConverter converter = null, string stringFormat = null)

               Binding.Create<TSource>(Expression<Func<TSource, object>>
propertyGetter, BindingMode mode = BindingMode.Default, IValueConverter
converter = null, object converterParameter = null,

string stringFormat = null)

expression, IEnumerable<View> parents = null)


               IRelativeList.Add(T view, Expression<Func<Rectangle>> bounds)

               IRelativeList.Add(T view, Expression<Func<double>> x = null,
Expression<Func<double>> y = null, Expression<Func<double>> width = null,
Expression<Func<double>> height = null)




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