[forms-devel] TargetPlatform and Device.OnPlatform Changes

Adam Pedley adam.pedley at gmail.com
Fri May 6 13:59:13 UTC 2016

1) I am all for obsoleting Device.OnPlatform. The other OnPlatform,
especially its use in Xaml is a great way forward.

2) Can TargetPlatform also include something for UWP, there is currently no
way to differentiate WinRT and UWP. However this would have breaking
changes if people have used Windows for both WinRT and UWP development. Not
sure how this could be resolved, though I am sure WinRT has a fast
approaching expiration date, so it might be best to leave it be unless an
easy solution is apparent to anyone else.

It may have been possible if the TargetPlatform enum used Flags, that way
it could be Windows and WinRT but too far along now.

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