[forms-devel] Changes on my Xamarin.Forms fork

Jonathan Peppers Jonathan.Peppers at Hitcents.com
Fri Jul 8 22:04:48 UTC 2016

I think the reflection cache thing is close but needs some work, I think it’s possible to get duplicate keys in that dictionary. It works in our app so far, though. If you subclass and define a `public new static readonly BindableProperty` the same name as the base class, it would break.

There is another spot I want to look at when I get time, there are some closures generated here<https://github.com/Hitcents/Xamarin.Forms/blob/hitcents/Xamarin.Forms.Xaml/TypeConversionExtensions.cs#L41> and here<https://github.com/Hitcents/Xamarin.Forms/blob/hitcents/Xamarin.Forms.Xaml/TypeConversionExtensions.cs#L60> in lambdas that were showing up in the profiler. It looks possible to get rid of them.

After I posted today, I also found a memory leak I was able to fix here<https://github.com/Hitcents/Xamarin.Forms/commit/da59bdc092500c3ad049ed45aa9b767e9a469443>. I need to figure out how to put a unit test in there for this one, I’d say.

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Hi Jon,

Wow, talk about timing. Your reflection cache commit is nice, I checked it out yesterday already. And the blog post is definitively helpful.
Let’s hope your pull requests go through as it would be a shame if they remain in a private repo.


On 08 Jul 2016, at 20:31, Jonathan Peppers <Jonathan.Peppers at Hitcents.com<mailto:Jonathan.Peppers at hitcents.com>> wrote:

Hi everyone,

I just posted a blog entry on how I setup our fork of Xamarin.Forms with CI: http://jonathanpeppers.com/Blog/build-xamarin-forms-from-source I also need to setup our CI to run Xamarin.Forms unit tests, but I haven’t looked into doing that yet…

At the bottom of the post, I thought some of you guys might find interesting some of my changes to forms. Not all are “pull request worthy”, but I thought I might open up a dialog.

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