[components-devel] Xamarin Components update for 2016-09-16

Bill Holmes biholm at microsoft.com
Fri Sep 16 19:21:05 UTC 2016


I wanted to send out a message to the list to provide some brief updates on items that we have been getting questions about and have been working on.


For Android we have published pre-release NuGets for you to try.  We also expect that these libraries will be released to stable in the coming week or 2.  Components with samples should be published shortly after.



For iOS we only have code committed to GitHub on a fork.  We expect NuGet pre-release packages to be pushed in the coming week or 2.


*Skia Sharp*

We are making it easier for you to add SkiaSharp to your application by providing a new Skia dll that provides pre-built views.


*Xamarin Auth*

We have started investigating what changes we need to move logins to native web browsers from embedded native web views.  This is in response to the world of providers recommending this workflow and some planning to disable apps using embedded views.  https://9to5google.com/2016/08/22/google-oauth-third-party-disable/

*Android Support*

The update for Android Support v24 is very much in progress.  It is a top priority for the team.  There are many changes in this version of Android Support and it has uncovered a bug in our binding generator.  This defect was resolved recently and has unblocked our efforts.




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